Rental Guide

Making Your Home More Rentable

1. Have a clear out

Your rental property should be well equipped without being too cluttered. Never leave valuable or precious personal items in the property.

2. Include thoughtful touches

Try to provide all the little extras your guests might require. One of the most common guest complaints is a poorly stocked kitchen, so don’t overlook utensils like wooden spoons, vegetable peelers, a garlic press and bottle opener.

3. Invest in decent linens on a regular basis

Bed linens and towels don’t need to be expensive, but they need to be good quality cotton and replaced at least annually. They are going to see frequent washing between guests and guests don’t want worn or shabby linens. Think about including a selection of pool towels as well so your house towels don’t get used around the pool – this will help them last longer.

4. Invest in good photography

Good photography is a must – investing in quality photogaphs of your home can make a huge impact on occupancy rates. We offer a starter pack for $245 which includes a professional property description and professional photography.

5. Have a critical eye

It’s diffi cult to see your home the way a guest does, but do try to view it with a critical eye - particularly before you stage it for photographs!

6. Think security!

Homes will need to meet fi re and safety regulations, but we also recommend installing a burglar alarm and a safe for guests’ use and including supplies of candles and fl ashlights in case there is a power failure during a storm.

We help with renovations

Making your property a little more photogenic and guest-friendly doesn’t have to be expensive. We can share tips and tricks to give your property a bright new look on a budget. Simple ideas can make a real difference - giving your home booking-site appeal and adding a little ‘wow’ factor for your guests.
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